Monday, 25 April 2011

Twelfth Station: Jesus on the cross; his mother and his friend

When Jesus saw his mother and the disciple whom he loved standing beside her, he said to his mother, ‘Woman, here is your son.’ Then he said to the disciple, ‘Here is your mother.’ And from that hour the disciple took her into his own home. John 19.26,27

1. Willem Hofhuizen, 1976, Weeping Women

Lord Jesus, your mother and your dearest friend stayed with you to the bitter end,
yet even while racked with pain you ministered to them:
be with all broken families today
and care for those who long for companionship.
You cared for your loved ones even in your death-throes:
give us a love for one another
that is stronger even than the fear of death.
To you, Jesus, loving in the face of death,
be honour and glory with the Father and the Holy Spirit,
now and for ever.

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